Conversations with skateboarders

An audio series where I talk to skateboards about the sport and their lives.


Episode 1 - Jason

BY MA Louis-Charles

Back in September 2017 I visited a skate park in Baltimore, MD. There I meet Jason, a local skateboarder who is now in his late twenties, but has been skating most of his life. 

We chatted for a few minutes about the Baltimore skate scene, and how the sport has influenced his life.

I produced this piece in the fall of 2017 while I was taking an audio production course. Enjoy!


Episode 2 - David

BY MA Louis-Charles

Not long into my semester in France, I had to venture out to the local skate park. I was there for a couple of hours before a ventured over to the mini-ramp and met David Niang. His peak skateboarding days are behind him, but he still had plenty to say about the sport.

This interview is lightly edited.